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Kathmandu Heritage walk

Heritage Walk

Kathmandu Valley, being rich in cultural, historic, and artistic inscriptions, holds the glory of seven monumental zones as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Through heritage walks, one can explore and discover the everyday sights, sounds and sensations of inner-city Kathmandu through an artistic and aesthetic perspective for a deeper understanding. Exploring both tangible & intangible resources, art, sculptures, stories, people's way of life, their beliefs & history is a unique experience that heritage walk envelops in Kathmandu and Patan.

Kathmandu Heritage Walk- "Discover The Undiscovered"

Besides few usual tourist spots, the Kathmandu Heritage Walk takes you to sites from Durbar Square, to Thamel, Centuries old temples with exquisite carvings, statues, courtyards (bahals), forgetten alleys, eateries and bazaars all within the vicinity.

Key Heritages Spots of Kathmandu Heritage Walk

1. Kumari Ghar: Kathmandu Heritage walk starts from Kumari Ghar. One can start a walk with Kumari darshan at the Kumari Ghar.

2. Jana Bahal & Pottery Market: The Temple is dedicated to Seto Machhindranath who is worshipped by both Hindu & Buddhist, something that is very indicative of the original and diversified culture of Kathmandu Valley. Machhindranath comes from the Sanskrit world for 'fish' and also known as God of Rain. There's is an interesting hidden pottery market behind the Temple.

3. Itum Bahal: The Itum Bahal is one of the largest Buddhist Bahal in Kathmandu and one of the oldest still in the world today. The First courtyard worth exploring is Saraswati Nani dedicated to the goddess Saraswati. The second courtyard is the Green Tara Nani.

4. Kathesimbu Stupa: Is a smaller replica of the great stupa of Swayambhunath, built for people who were unable to visit Swayambhu. The domed chaitya is rumored to be from the 5th & 6th centuries. The stone chaitya around this courtyard are 20th century additions. Harati , the goddess of health has a temple in the corner & the Tibetan Dragon Jangchup Choeling Monastery is here too.

5. Chhusya Bahal: Is one of the most well-preserved bahals of Kathmandu. The roof struts over the main entrance depict four celestial Buddhas, while to the right are protective goddesses and to the left musicians and dancers. Historians query why these roof struts are characteristics of 13th century woodwork yet the temple dates a few centuries after this in 1960.

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Art representing various natural and cultutal heritages of Nepal