Odea Services
Odea Services

Payment and Policy

01: 25% of the total amount should be made in advance as per the company policy.

02: The rest of the amount should be made before 15 days from the trip starts to date.

03: We have reserved the right to cancel the trip if the full amount is not settled in time.

04: We accept your last-minute booking, but the full amount of the trip should be made in advance.

05: Payments should be transferred on our bank Accounts (please ask for bank detail) or payments can be made by Credit Card (Visa International, Master Card) as well. (Ask for credit card payment format)

06: Bank service charge should be paid by the traveler themselves at the time of deposit.

07: 10% of cancellation of the trip from the guest side.

08: If guests want to postpone the trip, written notification is to be sent 15 days of trip starts.

09: We reserve the right to revise the price posted on our website, under any circumstances. (If various uncontrollable factors are raised such as exchange rate fluctuation or government rules change or airlines fare change or other more.)

10:Odea Services request you to postpone your trip if the conditions are not favorable for the trip. We will refer to alternative and similar trips.

11: If the guest behaves in any unlawful act, you are forced to leave the trip and no refund will be made in such case.

12: We always try to ensure comfortable traveling but sometimes weather factors that directly impact on your trip so we request to understand the condition.

13: We strongly suggest to our guest for travel insurance package covering the medical, natural calamity, helicopter rescue flight, personal accident, trip cancellation etc.

14: We are not answerable for any loss or damage of your luggage or property belonging to you so you should use that at your risk.

15: We perform our responsibility honestly & sincerely ensuring safety and comfortable travel but trip may change if unfavorable conditions would be raised such as road blockage, landslides, floods, cancellations or delays of flight, delay arrival, sickness or accidents etc. If extra costs arise there is your personal responsibility and you should be borne on the spot.

16: There is the possibility of flight delay or postponement due to weather in the Himalayan regions. You are requested to reserve extra days to prepare for some delays. In such of a delayed flight prior to departure or at the end of the trek, you have to bear your extra accommodation, food and other personal costs yourself.

17: This information is valid till December 2022. If any changes occur, it will be posted on the website immediately.

Wish you have a pleasant Journey with us !!!

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