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52 Places to Go in 2024

The New York Times has included Nepal's Mustang in the list of 37 destinations in the world to visit in 2024.
In the list of 52 destinations published by New York Times, Mustang has been placed at number 37 in tourist places to visit in 2024, giving a brief description of its natural beauty and historical importance.
Known as the district across the Himalayas, Mustang is located between two high peaks, Dhawalagiri and Nilgiri. According to excavations, more than 3,000 years ago, Mustang was the main trade route between Nepal and Tibet.
Lo Manthang Historical Palace, Lo Manthang, Muktinath, Tukuche Nilgiri Mountain, Mt Dhawalagiri, Tilicho Peak, Yakkawa Peak, Tukuche Dhampus Peak are some major tourist spots in Mustang.

Likewise, this district is also important in terms of religion as it is home to temples and shrines including the Muktinath Temple, Damodar Kund, Kagbeni, Shivalaya Temple (Puthang), Ganesha Temple (Jomsom), Tukuche Gompa Kobang, Tukuche Gompsamp, Tukuche Makal Gompa, Tukuche Rani Gompa, and Marfa Gompa.
To the north from the headquarters, Jomsom, Bhote, Gurung, Bista, and Thakuri castes predominate, while to the south, there are other castes including Thakali.

In the list published by the New York Times, North America is at the top position, while Florida is at the 52nd position.

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