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Paragliding in Nepal

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epal is a country of many wonders a place that should not be missed.  Many secrets to offer ranging from mountain expedition to paragliding in the Himalayan region.Paragliding is a recreational and competitive flying sport. A paraglider is a free-flying, foot-Launched aircraft. The pilot sits in a harness suspended below a fabric wing, whose shape is Formed by the pressure of air entering vents in the front of the wing.The main area for paragliding is in  Pokhara valley, commanding views of 3 of the worlds 8000m peaks with friendly and constant conditions for your paragliding holiday.Pokhara, the lakeside town is the best site for paragliding in the world. Paragliding in Pokhara is full of magnetic scenery on earth such as beautiful lakes, spectacular peaks, and stunning overhead view of the city, monasteries, temples, lakes and jungle.

Except the Pokhara Now a days you can do Paragliding from Kathmandu too. Who have a very short time You can experience from Kathmandu.Kathmandu Paragliding services from Lakure Bhanjyang in Lalitpur near Godavari which takes around one and half hour to reach on a four wheel drive from central Kathmandu. You are most welcome to solicit with us for Paragliding in Nepal.

Trip Itinerary

Day 1 : Paragliding in Nepal

Pick up from hotel then you will have a tandem flight. Its take 30 min,60 min  You will have a chance to make a video too. This mid day flight gives you the thrill of flying in rising currents of warm air in order to stay aloft in the air, and soar all the way up to clouds accompanied by eagles and vultures. And we come to land by one of the bars very close to Lakeside.Then after will drop to your hotel. 

Time: 9 Am to 2 Pm

Duration: Approx 20 – 30 minute flight

You may bring your own camera or, just ask for our in-flight photo and video option for great shots of you while in the air.


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